Fondant Sonic Tutorial

I was looking around for a Sonic tutorial or idea of how one would make a Sonic out of fondant. Did not really find anything useful, so I printed a picture of Sonic, and went to work trying to figure out the best and simplest way to make it. Turned out it was not hard after all. Once I did the first steps, I decided it was easy enough to make a tutorial out of it. So I grabbed my camera, did the first few steps once more, since I had not taken pics of them when I started, and there you have it.

You will need blue, black, red, white, green, yellow, and flesh colored fondant mixed with Tylose, or gumpaste in those same colors. Plain fondant would be too droopy and not stand up as nicely. It also takes too long to dry.

Tools you would need would be small, sharp-nosed scissors, small ball tool(or blunt skewer), small oval cutter (or oval template if you do not have a cutter), veiner tool(or thin end of a paintbrush or skewer), small knife, water, thin paint brush(one you only use for food stuff), non-stick work surface, and some vegetable shortening.

Before you start, make sure the fondant is pliable and warmed up by kneading it in your hands for a bit with some vegetable shortening. Gather your tools and set up your work area.


1. Start with the head. With blue fondant, make a ball about 2.5 cm (1 in.) in diameter. Shape it into a rain drop style form, measuring 5 cm (2 in.) long.

2,3. Using scissors cut out triangular shapes of dough to make the hair.

4. Put the head on a small firm surface leaving the hair hanging off, and gently ease the hair down starting at the bottom. Let dry overnight.


5. Next the body. Make an oval type shape, thinner on one end.

6. Roll out some flesh colored fondant and cut a small oval. Glue it on the body.

7. Using a toothpick, make holes in the body and head where we will insert a toothpick later on for stability. Let dry over night.


8. Make the legs. Using thin wires, cut off 5 cm (2 in.) lengths. Bend the wires to form small tight hooks on one end. Roll out thin rolls. Trim to be a little more then 2.5 cm (1 in.) long. Allow to sit for about ½ an hour to dry out a bit then insert the wires into the rolls. Allow to dry over night.

9. Take some red fondant, and make balls about 1 cm (.5 in.) in diameter. Thin out one end to make the front of the shoes. Using the back of a pencil, make a flat part at the back end of the shoe. Let sit for about ½ an hour before proceeding.

10. To assemble the legs, carefully heat the hooked ends of the wires in a flame, and insert in the shoes on the flat surface. Push down a little till it feels well stuck in. Roll out some white fondant thinly, and cut out strips for the socks and shoes. Using a veiner tool, or any lightly pointed object like a fork, make lines on two of the strips to look like crumpled socks. Using edible glue, glue the socks around the legs, trimming the ends. Glue the second set of strips on to the shoes.

11. The head: Roll some white fondant and cut out an oval shape. Cut oval in half. Make halves even if needed. Glue on to head to form eyes.

The body: Trim leg wires to ½ cm (¼ in.). Put glue on the top of the legs, and attach to the body.


12. Make to small white balls for the gloves. Pinch one end of the ball to make it slightly thinner, and using the ball tool, make a cavity where the arms will fit in.

13. Lightly flatten the other end. Using a knife and veiner tool, make 5 fingers, and make the wrinkles on the end of the glove. Use your fingers to smooth and ease the hand into the shape you want it to be. Now take the hand and make a fist around a thin object. I used the thin end of the veiner tool. Unfortunately my camera decided not to work for this picture, but you can see the fists I made in the next pics.


14. Insert toothpick into body, about half way. Roll thin sausages from flesh colored fondant for the arms. Trim to the size that fits. Insert into glove and glue. All to sit about 15 min. in the shape you want them, then glue them to the body. Position hands one at a time and glue.

15. To finish the head, make some small ovals of green fondant and flatten them with your finger. Glue to the white part of the eyes for the iris.

Using some blue fondant, roll a very thin sausage and glue around the tops of the eyes.

With flesh colored fondant, make a sausage shape, thinner on the ends, fatter in the middle, and glue under the eyes to make the lower face. Using a very small ball tool and veiner tool, make the mouth. Add a small black ball for the nose.

Take some blue fondant, make 2 small balls. Pinch into a triangular shape for the ears. Roll a small piece of flesh colored fondant, cut out some tiny triangles and glue to the ears. Attach to the head.

Lastly, using a food marker, draw a pupil on the eyes.


16, 17. Attach head to the body. Trim toothpick if needed with some scissors. Using some yellow fondant, cut two small square shapes for the buckles, and glue onto the shoe straps.


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